About Jessica 'Aunt Jess' Krane

From an early age, Jess Krane, or “Aunt Jess” (as her niece and nephew call her), had a passion for food. She still vividly remembers the first time she followed a recipe, back in the first grade and the immediate joy she felt as she measured, mixed and whisked away!

Fast forward to 2010. Today, Aunt Jess has combined her love for cooking with her desire to help others- specifically children. As a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Science, Aunt Jess primarily focuses on childhood nutrition, addressing the issues of obesity and weight loss, diabetes, heart disease and food allergies. As a fulltime nutritional consultant and lecturer to media and organizations regarding health and dietary topics, Jess has been a resource to media outlets from around the country including: CNN, Good Morning America, Good Day New York, Woman’s World, Allure and WebMD.

Aunt Jess's favorite time is when she cooks with her niece, Emma and nephew, Reed. Expanding her passion outside her own family (and with great patience and commitment), Jess frequently works as a nutritional consultant to families in the Boston area to help educate both parents and children on the importance of healthy living.

It’s with this love of food and desire to educate others, that Jess created the Cooking with Aunt Jess website. It is specifically designed as a kid-and-parent-friendly place where families can go to get quick tips, great recipes and have fun.

Jess currently resides in Boston, MA where she dreams of one day starting a non-profit organization to help fight childhood obesity geared towards kids and families in need.

Thanks for visiting Cooking with Aunt Jess. We hope you love the website as much as we do!


Credentials & Experience:

In addition to her private consulting, Jess has worked as a research consultant at the Boston Children’s Hospital and as a Nutritional Consultant at the Sports Club LA, where as a Registered Dietitian, she helped initiate an overall health and wellness program, combining (for the first time) nutrition with exercise, offering an integrated service to members an individualized basis.

Jess has significant experience in nutrition, health counseling and cooking. She regularly contributes nutrition-related topics to fitness and health magazines, websites and books. As a dietitian, Jess counsels patients on a range of health issues, including sports nutrition, obesity, weight loss, weight management, eating disorders, pre and postnatal nutrition, diabetes and coronary heart disease. She educates clients on their nutritional needs and is also a personal chef. Jess’s culinary specialties include: macrobiotics, cooking for diabetics and high cholesterol patients, weight loss and healthy lifestyles and cooking with kids. Jess received her Masters in Science and R.D. from Boston University and completed her dietetic internship at Columbia University in New York.

For Kids: Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for Dinner

Omelets and vegetables – tonight we are making "breakfast for dinner" here at Cooking with Aunt Jess, or as my niece and nephew like to call it, "mixed up dinner."  For my recipe here, we are using tomatoes, broccoli and American cheese.  You can use whatever you like, perhaps spinach, mushrooms or peppers.


The eggs and cheese provide your bodies with protein you need to grow big and strong.  Without protein our bodies cannot perform the sports we love to play or help our bones grow big and strong.  The cheese not only has protein in it, but it is a great source of Calcium, which is good for your bones.  Broccoli, which is a pretty color green, is a vegetable that has Calcium and important vitamins in it.  Tomatoes have calcium and important vitamins too.


Kids, pick your favorite vegetables and cheese and let’s get started.

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