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Some Q&A for Parents

Q: What ingredients should I avoid when selecting packaged food for my child?

A: A Chips Ahoy cookie here, a Coke with lunch. There's nothing wrong with this in moderation. The thing is, though, these snacks contain some harmful ingredients that when consumed on a daily basis can really affect your mood and your health. Check the labels and be on the lookout for the following ingredients because they are in everything.  The top five are Hydrogenated oil, Enriched flour, High-fructose corn syrup, Refined sugar, and Saturated fats.

Q: Are there dangers in food dyes I should be aware of for my child?

A: Artificial food coloring ingredients (food dye) contain plenty of chemicals. Many are derived from highly toxic sources and can cause many different diseases, disorders and mutations in humans. Although it seems unlikely that a trivial amount of food coloring in a piece of a candy (like liquorice) would have any harmful effect on you, you would be wrong, because it does.